Success Stories

Back Pain Gone!

"After a slip and fall I had very severe back pain radiating through my pelvic area and causing sciatic pain. 

The pain was so severe it was difficult to walk and do daily chores including putting on shoes.

Thanks to NYC Acupuncture + Wellness my pain has been managed and I have my life back!"

- Patient D.S. 

Extremely Knowledgeable

"I am a massage therapist that practices in a muscular center and a student of myofascial release. 

I have been to a handful of acupuncture clinics and now I have found my home. 

I have seen Ting for muscular issues, allergy issues and focus issues and have made progress after 3 sessions. 

Something you have to work with but no doubt it will be effective."

- Patient S. P.


"I have been coming here for the past 5 years. 

I started when I was pregnant and getting migraines. Then chronic back/neck pain. I go for maintenance now as much as I can. 

I love Ting! She does a fabulous job at making me feel better! 

Thank you Ting!"

- Patient M.I.


 "Do I understand how acupuncture works? No, all I know is that it does works. Working with Ting has turned my life around. She is able to help with everything from muscle aches to real pain, grief, menopause, anxiety - you name it. I highly recommend you give it a try. The results will amaze you!. "  

- Patient M.J. 

Carpel Tunnel

NYC Acupuncture + Wellness is great! 

I have been suffering from carpel tunnel for couple of years and I did not want to go through surgery so I tried acupuncture. 

After a month of treatment, I am not suffering from the pain! 

Pain Free! 

I would recommend Ting to everyone!"

- Patient J.B. 

Pre-Physical Therapy

"Life Changing

I suffer from autoimmune disease. 

When I first met Ting, I was unhealthy and in somewhat of a crisis. Ting's wisdom and treatment have gotten me to a level of well being that I thought was no longer possible. Although, my knee pain persists, my herniated disc symptoms have subsided. I didn't have time to go to PT due to scheduling conflicts. Honestly, the pain was so bad, I'm not sure how they expected me to go. 

However, I am definitely heading there to get stronger now that I am well."

- Patient S.T.