How to Bust Holiday Stress

Dec 20, 2022
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How to Bust Holiday Stress

Another holiday rush is here. Brace yourselves for another round of preparation, shopping, cooking, and socializing. Are you one of those people who cannot take the demands of the holidays? Here are some quick tips on how to survive the season.


Mental Recap

It's usually a good idea to plan ahead of time. Organizing can give you a back some control in what feels like a hurricane of must-dos. Visualize how you would like the event/dinner/party to go and see if there is anything else you need and schedule that in. It reduces your mental burden, and you won't have to deal with the holiday mayhem last minute..


Say NO

Declining several invitations won't hurt. Because our time and social batteries are limited, it's best that we use them wisely. Skipping some invites may also be more beneficial for your health since you get to avoid eating and drinking heavily. 


Prep for Social and Family Stress

Christmas and the New Year are incomplete without our nosy and obnoxious relatives. If you have a yearly holiday event with relatives, I'm sure you already know who to watch out for. You can try to avoid them as much as you can, but if you're unable to, you may prepare some lines to say when you are confronted with their silly questions and remarks. You can even practice it in front of the mirror! It may sound funny, but it really works. Try it!


Prioritize yourself too!

Don't forget to add yourself to the list of people and things to take care of. Sometimes, things are just too overwhelming. Take care of yourself by coming in for an acupuncture appointment. Acupuncture can help regulate your nervous system, especially when stress levels are high. Your stress may also be making your back muscles tight and sore. Gua sha and cupping can help with these issues. If you are going away for the holidays and won't be able to come back to have your next treatment soon, don't hesitate to tell your acupuncturist! A couple of ear seeds can help you feel relaxed during your trip.  It can help with motion sickness if you will be traveling for the holidays, stress, and even migraines! 


Book an appointment with Dr. Ting Wu of NYC Acupuncture + Wellness to get a health boost this holiday season.