Heart Shock and Acupuncture

Mar 08, 2024
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Heart Shock and Acupuncture

Have you recently experienced a bad break-up? Were you ever involved in a traumatic accident? Are things in your past still bothering you? 

In TCM, the heart is considered the emperor of our internal kingdom, governing not only blood circulation but also our emotional balance. When an event in your life causes sudden emotional distress and you feel like something has shifted in you, you might be experiencing "Heart Shock." 

A trauma or Heart Shock affects both a person's physiology and psychology thus making it difficult for the body to be in homeostasis or balanced Qi. Examples of these are betrayals, loss of a loved one, abuse, and accidents that may or may not have caused physical injuries. Even events that you are unaware like if your mother experienced abuse when she was pregnant or a birthing trauma such as a cord wrapped around your neck could cause Heart Shock. 

Wondering if you've experienced Heart Shock? TCM suggests paying attention to these signs:

  1. Palpitations: Feeling your heart race or skip a beat.
  2. Insomnia and Restlessness: Difficulty falling or staying asleep and a constant sense of unease or agitation.
  3. Emotional Imbalances: Sudden mood swings, anxiety, or depression.
  4. Memory loss: It can occur in memories that are even not related to your trauma.
  5. Physical discomfort: Headaches, upset stomach, joint pains, etc.

The first step to getting healed from Heart Shock is to acknowledge what happened to you and acknowledge your symptoms. Not addressing your trauma hinders you from successful treatments. After that, let your heart and mind have the willingness to get better. Here is where acupuncture and other TCM treatments come in. In most cases, a multi-disciplinary approach would greatly benefit the patient. 

There are acupuncture protocols that can help your mind and body ease the symptoms. Seek the expertise of an acupuncturist. An experienced acupuncturist will treat the root cause of your condition and restore the flow of Qi so you can get long-lasting results. In addition to acupuncture, lifestyle modifications, and herbal supplement recommendations could be part of your treatment plan.

A self-care technique that you can do at home is acupressure point KD-1 which is found at the sole, in a slight depression created when the foot is pointed downward. This point could help you grounded and address the feeling of fear. 

Remember, the key to approaching health holistically is to consider both the body and mind. If you suspect Heart Shock or any other imbalance, it's always a good idea to consult with a skilled TCM practitioner for personalized guidance. Book an appointment with Dr. Ting of NYC Acupuncture + Wellness to start your recovery.