Get Ready for Lunar New Years!

Jan 19, 2023
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Get Ready for Lunar New Years!

We are about to have the Lunar New Year (popularly known as Chinese New Year),  one if not the most awaited holiday because it brings a fresh start, opportunities, and prosperity. 2023 is the year of the YIn-Water Rabbit. The Yin Water Rabbit emphasizes inner forces such as inner peace, intuition, and self-sensitivity, which is different from the powerful 2022 Year of the Tiger.

As part of the preparations for the Lunar New Year, here are several traditions that you may follow for good luck and prosperity.


  • Make room for positives

It's always nice to face the new year with a tidy space. House cleaning before the new year is believed to sweep away any bad luck from the previous year and make room for good fortune in the new year. A clean home attracts positivity and prosperity. If you want to take it a notch higher, you may want to arrange the things in your home based on feng shui.

  • Decorate to bring good fortune

Red is usually associated with good things in Chinese and most Asian traditions. Red lanterns are hung in front of door houses to drive off evil spirits and bad luck. Red paper cuttings are also commonly seen on doors and windows to attract luck in specific aspects of life depending on the plant or animal in the cuttings. 

  • Cultivate your tribe

Family ties are very important and respected in Chinese culture, so families gather together to celebrate this special day. Of course, any celebration wouldn't be complete without food. Even the dishes prepared for the "reunion dinner" has different symbolism and prosperity attached to them. This meal typically includes dishes such as fish (which is considered a symbol of abundance), dumplings, and chicken.

  • Give in order to receive

Gift-giving is also a major part of the festivities. Red envelopes filled with money, known as "hong bao," are given to children and unmarried adults as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Grandparents and parents may also receive red envelopes from their grown-up children and grandchildren.

  • Clear away the negative

Last but one of the most important traditions is the setting off of fireworks. It is believed to drive away evil spirits. Dragon and lion dances, which feature performers in elaborate costumes, are also a common sight during Lunar New Year celebrations.

Did you know that during Lunar New Year, many people also seek to receive acupuncture treatments? 

Acupuncture is a natural, holistic approach to health and good health has always been part of everyone's new year wishes. Acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of conditions, including pain, digestive issues, and stress. It is also common for people to give acupuncture treatments as gifts to loved ones, as a way of wishing them good health and prosperity in the new year. Acupuncture is an important part of Lunar New Year traditions and is closely connected to the holiday's focus on health, balance, and good fortune. 

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