Ear Seeding 101

Feb 27, 2024
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Ear Seeding 101

You may think that ear seeds are one of the recent health and wellness modalities created. The practice of ear seeding dates back 3,000 years ago together with traditional Chinese medicine wherein they use Vaccaria seeds. Now, small metallic and ceramic balls are used.

How does it work?

It follows the idea that our entire organ system is mapped out on the ear. We can somewhat compare it to modern medicine's concept of the homunculus. Much like the typical acupuncture treatment, it is used to stimulate the nervous system and enhance the meridian flow within the body. With the use of these tiny seeds, specific acupoints are stimulated to address various health concerns. This means that Ear seeding is great for aiding relief of chronic conditions and could also be used for some quick fix like jet lag symptoms. 


Ear seeds offers numerous advantages beyond their primary goal of promoting health and well-being. Ear seeds, a form of acupressure, have been traditionally used as a way to help anxious patients get acclimated to the idea of acupuncture treatments. Additionally, ear seeds use acupoints in the ear to prolong the benefits of acupuncture treatments, proving beneficial for individuals who travel frequently or can only attend weekly appointments.


Different target conditions have different ear-seeding protocols. There are about 200+ acupoints in the ear and an almost infinite amount of combinations. Here are five protocols that we use frequently. 

1) NYC Acu Well Reset - The refresh button. Reset your mind, body, and energy. This is your ticket to a revitalized and balanced self.

2) Stress and Anxiety Melt - Serenity awaits. Crafted to bring peace and tranquility back so you can kiss your stress and anxiety goodbye.

3) Immune Boost - Immunity on point. A protocol designed to strengthen your body's defenses and keep you feeling your best. 

4) Focus and Memory - Stay sharp. Experience heightened focus, sharpened memory, and unleash your brilliance.

5) Detox and Beauty Boost - Welcome radiance. Tailored to detoxify your body and give your beauty a natural boost.

How to use

Ear seeds can be self-applied. If you have ear seeds, the best way to apply them is by following these instructions:

1) Clean your outer ear to remove dirt and moisture. You may use a damp cloth with soap or with rubbing alcohol. Make sure that the skin is dry after cleaning.

2) Use tweezers to remove the ear seed from the strip.

3) Apply the ear seeds based on the protocol you want. Press the seeds to make sure that the adhesives are secured.

4) Lightly press the seeds throughout the duration you're wearing them to stimulate the points.

*Ear seeds could last 3-5 days on your ear and may fall off on their own. Clean your ears after removing the ear seeds.


Ear seeds are not recommended for those with adhesive allergies and metal allergies. If you are experiencing pain or irritation where the seeds are attached, remove them immediately. 

If you are interested in learning more about how traditional Chinese medicine can help you with your specific health concerns, book an appointment with us. All treatment plans are customized to fit your needs and goals.