Combating Brain Fog with TCM

Dec 15, 2023
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Combating Brain Fog with TCM

Do you feel like you're having difficulty concentrating and remembering things? Are your thoughts jumbled up and you're having difficulty reorganizing them? Are you feeling like you need to work more than usual just to come up with ideas and retain what you've just learned? 

While brain fog isn't classified as a specific medical condition in Western medicine, it often manifests as a symptom of underlying conditions, including:

  1. Depression - Cognitive function is impaired if you have depression.
  2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - The cause of this condition is still unknown. Feeling exhausted most of the time affects cognitive functions.
  3. Long COVID - Ongoing studies are still figuring out this phenomenon. 
  4. Autoimmune disease (lupus, multiple sclerosis, etc) - For some autoimmune diseases, brain fog can be a secondary symptom. MS damages the nerves, specifically the myelin sheaths, within the brain that is necessary for the speedy transmission of nerve impulses.
  5. Stress and anxiety - The daily grind can take a toll on your mental well-being.

In some cases, brain fog can be due to lack of sleep, side effects of a medication, or malnutrition.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen stores the Yi which is one of the five Shens. The Yi is in charge of our mental capacity and cognitive function -- how we study, think, memorize, focus, and concentrate. This is why spleen deficiency is associated with causing brain fog among individuals. 

TCM Modalities to the Rescue: Traditional Chinese Medicine has been honing holistic approaches for centuries, and it's no different when it comes to combating brain fog. TCM offers treatment for both the body and the mind. Acupuncture needles inserted at specific points can stimulate biochemical changes to heal and promote overall well-being. TCM does not end with acupuncture. Herbal remedies serve as nature's pharmacy, offering a diverse range of plants that can effectively alleviate brain fog. The choice of herbs tailored to address your specific symptoms depends on identifying the root cause of what's causing your brain fog.

Tai Chi and Qigong are also part of TCM. Mindful practice and a proper amount of relaxation can help you get through the fog of confusion and disorganization. Dietary changes can also be recommended to help the mind some boost. The spleen is the organ for digestion in TCM so eating a well-balanced meal consistently that follows the TCM recommendations could do so much in helping your cognitive function improve.

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