Are You Marathon Ready?

Oct 28, 2022
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Are You Marathon Ready?

Ready, set – hold on. We know you have spent time and energy preparing for the annual NYC Marathon. You have built your endurance and strength during your training, and we are proud of you for achieving that kind of discipline. 

As we're getting closer to the race, and training intensity is starting to taper down. How are you going to optimize all the hard work you've put in? Do you have persistent knots or tension that needs to be addressed? What kind of treatments can help and when is it most ideal to get them treated?


During your training cycle - Treat micro-injuries prior to the marathon:

Acupuncture can treat the knots and soreness you get during your training cycle. Addressing these problems before the big day not only prevents the injuries from becoming moderate to severe, it can also make you mentally and emotionally conditioned for your run. 

2 weeks to 3 days from NYC Marathon - More muscle activation and more flexibility:

Depending on the severity of the tension build-up, it is recommended to start having your acupuncture sessions for muscle activation a few weeks to a few days before the marathon. Targeting motor points taps into the weak muscles necessary for your run. Increased joint range of motion and increased muscle flexibility reduce marathon injuries. 


Reaching the end of every race is another goal achieved. We know you are itching to be back to training and prepare for another run. But you deserve a break, and you need to recover. Let’s face it, no matter how comfortable your running shoes are, your whole body is aching from pounding the concrete streets of New York City. Do not worry because we support your goals, and we are here to address your post-marathon dilemmas. 


Say goodbye to your aches: 

Lactic acid buildup causes the ache after any strenuous physical activity. Herbal soaking is a great way to reduce the swelling that causes the pain, especially on your legs and feet after a rigorous marathon. Infrared therapy is another option to treat acute and chronic pains. The technology behind it is that the heat it emitted can initiate a metabolic sequence that triggers better blood circulation for vital nutrients and oxygen-rich cells to be delivered in the area exposed by infrared.

Replenish your energy: 

After everything has settled in, you will feel exhausted both physically and mentally. Finishing a marathon is rewarding but can also throw off your physiological balance. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy or PEMF Therapy is the best way to regain your energy. This therapeutic approach addresses the energy deficit at a cellular level that is generally safe because it promotes a natural healing recovery process within your body.

Treat those post-marathon injuries:

Injuries after a marathon are typical but should not be neglected. Depending on the injury, a variety of techniques could be used. Some injuries may only need rest and acupuncture while others may need a combination of acupuncture, manual therapy, and intake of herbal medicine. Whatever it may be, Dr. Ting Wu of NYC Acupuncture + Wellness will get into the root of your injury and prescribe a treatment plan best suited to your needs.


Treatment plans vary depending on your goals and what your body needs. Schedule a consult with NYC Acupuncture + Wellness to have one tailor-fit for you.