3 Easy Ways to Solve Your New Year's Resolution Woes

Dec 27, 2022
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3 Easy Ways to Solve Your New Year's Resolution Woes

We often wait for the new year to come before we start making changes in our lives. Let's be honest, we are great at planning our resolutions but not so much at being consistent with them. That may be why the new year's resolutions of last year (and the years before) just get recycled for the following year. Don't worry! This is not to shame you because we have all been there (a couple of times). We want to help you reframe your resolutions to make them sustainable so you can stick with them consistently.


The best way to achieve your resolutions is to make them into S.M.A.R.T. goals. S.M.A.R.T.  stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. Be specific on the things that you want to improve on. Make sure that what you're trying to achieve is quantifiable. Did you set a realistic goal? Look back on the things that you have and don't have in order to achieve the goal. Relevance is one of the most overlooked parts of making a goal. Is the goal you are trying to achieve aligned with who you are and what you really want to be or is it just because it is what everyone wants? Being time-bound is setting a deadline and creating a good sense of urgency for you to reach your goal.


Another thing you may want to consider before starting your new year's resolutions is to find a person or people who you can share them with and who will encourage you to stay consistent. An accountability buddy can help you track if you are being consistent and if you are on schedule to reach your goals. 


Most of us are planning to put health on our priority list for 2023. Why not add a touch of TCM to your resolutions? TCM can help you stay consistent with your health goals, especially when dealing with chronic pain and gut issues. Mental health should not be taken for granted as well when you want to have an overall healthy body and TCM can also be an adjunct in addressing that concern. Acupuncture treatment which is a branch of TCM can deal with anxiety and stress.  Acupuncture therapy specifically auricular acupuncture is often added to rehabilitation programs such as substance addiction. So if you are trying to quit a vice like smoking or if you are planning to lose weight (Yes, auricular acupuncture can also help with weight loss!), then you might want to squeeze an acupuncture appointment into your calendar. Auricular acupuncture follows the idea that parts of the ear represent certain systems within the body. The desirable outcome can be achieved by correctly stimulating the microsystems related to it. The best thing here is that it's non-invasive and natural! NYC Acupuncture+Wellness offers a range of treatments that are based on traditional medical techniques of China, Japan, and Korea. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ting Wu to know more. 


Reflect and be mindful of the things that you want to focus on for 2023. Not everything is worth your time and energy. Let's say you are setting a goal to trim down on your weight because people are pointing out that you should, but you don't see it as a problem, then there's no need to put it on the list! At the end of the day, new year's resolutions should help you become a better person, not make you feel terrible. Choose yourself this 2023. 


Happy new year from NYC Acupuncture+Wellness!